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Currently we are working on the English version of our homepage. Please excuse if there is not yet everything available in another language than German.


But in the meantime You can find the most important informations here on this overview page.

Our company designs and offers family and board games...well, right now we are offering exactly one game:

You are all famous conductors and celebrate great success in concert halls around the world. But which one of you is the best, the most famousl? To find out, you have agreed to take part in a competition. Each of you has to try your conductor’s hand at the most famous pieces of music history - and you mustn’t make any mistakes. But first you must gather together the best musicians into your orchestra. But great artists are also very sensitive, and each one is different. Can you remember the correct musical figures and retrieve them at the right moment with your conductor's baton? Who will be the greatest maestro of them all?

Concerto is a game that requires you to remember the gestures that you have to perform with the Conductor’s Baton – so-called beat patterns. When you record a new instrument in your orchestra, you draw a beat pattern that you have to memorize, and then perform it correctly when used in one piece. If you perform all of the beat patterns in the correct order, you have successfully performed the piece and can collect the points. At the end of the game, the conductor with the most points wins.

That sounds interesting to You? Please use our shop to get Your copy of that great game (the shop is only partly in English, but you will make it :-).